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MIT's Technology Review reports on findings from the SOC project

The November 23, 2004 edition of MIT's Technology Review reports on some of the findings from the SOC project. The article by Eric Bender, which is entitled, "Rules of the Collaboratory Game," discusses some of the factors that contribute to collaboratory success.

The SOC team presents a Symposium at the Academy of Management Conference 2004
August 6-12 in New Orleans, Louisiana

TITLE: Data sharing in large-scale scientific collaborations: facing the technical and organizational barriers to data aggregation and re-use

1. Bietz, M. & Birnholtz, J. How Data Contribute to Scientific Practice (PowerPoint, 986KB)
2. Zimmerman, A.S. Information and Knowledge for Data Reuse: Lessons from Ecology (PowerPoint, 448KB)
3. Birnholtz, J. Stickiness as a Component of Collaboration Readiness (in Earthquake Engineering) (PowerPoint, 167KB)
4. Bos, N., Hofer, E. and Olson, J. How are public data contributions rewarded in open genetics databases? (PowerPoint, 183KB)
5. Olson, J. Puetz, M. and Luo, A. Biomedical Informatics Research Network's Governance of their Data Federation efforts (PowerPoint, 329KB)
6. Olson, G. The Coming of Cyberinfrastructure (PowerPoint, 359KB)

SOC seminars

SOC Seminar September 2001

SOC Seminar Series

In 2003, the SOC project organized a seminar series on scientific collaboration. Some of the seminar presentations are available here.

November 6th:   Jeremy Birnholtz and Daniel Horn: Shake, Rattle and Roles: Design implications from experimental earthquake engineering  (PowerPoint presentation 585KB)

September 25th:   Kyoung Shin Park: Supporting Scientific Collaboration in Amplified Collaboration Environments  (PowerPoint presentation 10M)

September 11th:   Ann S. Zimmerman: Data Sharing and Secondary Use of Scientific Data: Experiences of Ecologists  (PowerPoint presentation 388K)

May 27th:   Jason Leigh: The Optiputer  (PowerPoint presentation 37.8 MB)

May 8th:   Paul Avery: Data Grids for 21st Century Data Intensive Science. (PowerPoint Presentation 4.5 MB)

Gary Olson elected to the CHI Academy

Selection to the CHI Academy signifies exceptional lifetime contributions to the HCI field. Gary joins fellow SOC researcher Judy Olson, who was elected to the innaugural class of CHI Academy honorees in 2001.

Atkins chaired NSF committee issues report on development of cyberinfrastructure

Professor Daniel Atkins recently chaired an NSF blue ribbon advisory committee on cyberinfrastructure, and released this report. The NSF has a "once-in-a-generation opportunity," according to the committee, to lead the scientific and engineering community in the coordinated development and expansive use of cyberinfrastructure. Read about the report at:







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