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Published Contribution to a Conference Proceeding:

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Covi, L. M., Olson, J. S., Rocco, E., & Miller, W. J.

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A room of your own: what do we learn about support of teamwork from assessing teams in dedicated project rooms

Editor(s) :


Streitz, N. A., Konomi, S., & Burkhardt, H. J.

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Cooperative Buildings. Integrating Information, Organization, and Architecture. First International Workshop, CoBuild'98 Proceedings

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To inform the design of groupware technologies such as those for cooperative buildings, the authors investigated the work habits of teams that collaborate in dedicated project rooms. They conducted field work that included interviews of teams in 9 U.S. companies who had dedicated project rooms and a 6 week observation of one site. In the study, team members using dedicated project rooms reported clear advantages: increased learning, motivation, and coordination. The findings suggest that cooperative buildings need to support important features of collocated teamwork such as flexible shared visual displays and awareness of team members' activities.

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