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Published Contribution to a Conference Proceeding:

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Pancerella, C.M., Rahn, L.A., & Yang, C.L.

Date of Publication :


1999, November

Article Title :


The Diesel Combustion Collaboratory: Combustion researchers collaborating over the Internet

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Title of the Conference :


Proceedings of the 1999 ACM/IEEE Conference on Supercomputing (CDROM)

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Place of Publication :


New York

Publisher Name :


ACM Press

Abstract :


The Diesel Combustion Collaboratory (DCC) is a pilot project to develop and deploy collaborative technologies to combustion researchers distributed throughout the DOE national laboratories, academia, and industry. The result is a problem-solving environment for combustion research. Researchers collaborate over the Internet using DCC tools, which include: a distributed execution management system for running combustion models on widely distributed computers, including supercomputers; web-accessible data archiving capabilities for sharing graphical experimental or modeling data; electronic notebooks and shared workspaces for facilitating collaboration; visualization of combustion data; and video-conferencing and data-conferencing amoung researchers at remote sites. Security is a key aspect of the collaborative tools. In many cases, we have integrated these tools to allow data, including large combustion data sets, to flow seamlessly, for example, from modeling tools to data archives. In this paper the authors describe the work of a larger collaborative effort to design, implement and deploy the DCC.

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