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Published Contribution to a Conference Proceeding:

Author(s) :


Van Buren, D., Curtis, P., Nichols, D. A., & Brundage, M.

Date of Publication :



Article Title :


The AstroVR Collaboratory: An on-line multi-user environment for research in astrophysics

Editor(s) :


R. A. Shaw, H. E. Payne, and J. J. E. Hayes

Editor Role :



Title of the Conference :


Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems IV, ASP Conference Series, Vol. 77, 1995

Page(s) :



Place of Publication :


San Francisco

Publisher Name :


Astronomical Society of the Pacific (APS)

Abstract :


We describe our experiment with an on-line collaborative environment where users share the execution of programs and communicate via audio, video, and typed text. Collaborative environments represent the next step in computer-mediated conferencing, combining powerful compute engines, data persistence, shared applications, and teleconferencing tools. As proof of concept, we have implemented a shared image analysis tool, allowing geographically distinct users to analyze FITS images together. We anticipate that \htmllink{AstroVR}{} and similar systems will become an important part of collaborative work in the next decade, including with applications in remote observing, spacecraft operations, on-line meetings, as well as and day-to-day research activities. The technology is generic and promises to find uses in business, medicine, government, and education.

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