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Sunderam, V., Cheung, S. Y., Hirsch, M., Chodrow, S., Grigni, M., Krantz, A., Rhee, I., Gray, P., Olesen, S., Hutto, P., Sult, J.

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CCF: Collaborative Computing Frameworks

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Proceedings of the 1998 ACM/IEEE Conference on Supercomputing

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Washington, DC

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IEEE Computer Society

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CCF (Collaborative Computing Frameworks) is a suite of software systems, communications protocols, and tools that enable collaborative, computer-based cooperative work. CCF constructs a virtual work environment on multiple computer systems connected over the Internet, to form a Collaboratory. In this setting, participants interact with each other, simultaneously access and operate computer applications, refer to global data repositories or archives, collectively create and manipulate documents or other artifacts, perform computational transformations, and conduct a number of other activities via telepresence. Research issues addressed in this project include problem solving environments and methodologies for laboratory and instrument-based scientific disciplines, and computer science issues in heterogeneous distributed systems. New approaches are being investigated and developed for fast multiway communication, robust geographically distributed data management methodologies, high-performance computational transforms inlined within collaboration sessions, and related auxiliary issues such as active documents, security, archival storage, and experiment management and control. In this paper, we discuss the design philosophy and systems rationale behind CCF, describe the major subsystems of the collaborative computing environment, and discuss the salient features of the system.

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