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Cogburn, D. L., Zhang, L., & Khothule, M.

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Going globally, locally: The socio-technical influences on performance in distributed collaborative learning teams

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Proceedings of the 2002 annual research conference of the South African institute of computer scientists and information technologists on Enablement through technology

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South African Institute for Computer Scientists and Information Technologists

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With the increasing use of distributed knowledge work in a range of industrial, scientific, and organizational environments, understanding how to support such work has become increasingly important. From previous field and laboratory studies, we know that a range of socio-technical factors influence performance and satisfaction in distributed teams. Among the most important of these factors are trust, leadership and the level of media richness in the computer-mediated communications environment. We also know that specific socio-technical interventions can help to build trust in CMC environments. However, many of these studies have not taken into consideration sufficiently the impact of cross-national cultural factors on distributed teams. This paper reports the preliminary analysis of a thirteen week qualitative and quantitative quasi-experimental field study of distributed collaborative learning teams, consisting of 35 post-graduate students from four research universities, two in the United States and two in South Africa. These teams completed a series of unstructured strategy and decision-making tasks, using a suite of rich-media CMC tools. Data are reported from participant surveys, narrative evaluation essays, and observations.

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