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Kilman, D. G., & Forslund, D. W.

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An international collaboratory based on virtual patient records

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Communications of the ACM

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Virtual patient records will impact health care internationally the way the Internet has transformed global communications. Virtual patient records are virtual in the sense they provide a view of data possibly configured differently at different locations, but united together into a common format for viewing at the required time. Virtual patient records provide a user with virtual access to data possibly scattered around the world. The virtual patient record should form the basis for a collaboratory environment in which multiple physicians, and ultimately the patient, should be able to engage in an interactive electronic discussion. International implications and standardization issues are discussed in detail. TeleMed, a prototype based on a virtual patient record, is described, and its applications are discussed. TeleMed uses a media-rich graphical patient record to allow multiple physicians, possibly located remotely across a wide-area network, to consult on a patient record. The latest version of TeleMed supports real-time interactive collaborations between multiple users.

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