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Chin, G. Jr., Myers, J., & Hoyt, D.

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Social networks in the virtual science laboratory

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Communications of the ACM

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Located at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, WA, the High Field Magnetic Resonance Facility houses II nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometers. The Virtual Nuclear Magentic Resonance Facility (VNMRF) provides online Internet access to these spectrometers. The VNMRF and its suite of tools for computer-supported cooperative (CSCW) work allow researchers to collaboratively set the controls of spectrometers, execute NMR experiments, acquire data, analyze results, and communicate with other researchers, all without leaving their home institutions or offices. In this article, we describe the social networks that have emerged from the VNMRF and the effects and influences CSCW technology has on these networks.

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