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Beghtol, C.

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The Iter Gateway to the Middle Ages and Renaissance: Collaboration between information specialists and subject specialists in the arts and humanities

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Journal of Digital Information Management

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The arts and humanities have received less attention in discussions of the uses of electronic information because their particular characteristics do not appear to lend themselves readily to collaboration through technology. This paper describes some aspects of the Iter Project, which is a web-based project that utilizes extensive collaboration between scholars and students of the Middle Ages and Renaissance and scholars and students in information studies. Collaboration takes places at all levels of the Projectóbetween the project partners and between professional and student staff members. Examples of some of the collaboratory procedures for one aspect of the Iter Project, the Iter Bibliography, are described. Extensive collaboration ensures quality control for records in the Bibliography and for the management of the Bibliography database itself. The Project is a model for cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural collaboration, negotiation across boundaries, and the creation of excellent records for humanities scholars and research projects.

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