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Stein, A., Keiper, J., Bezerra, L., Brocks, H., & Thiel, U.

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Collaborative research and documentation of European film history: The COLLATE Collaboratory

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Journal of Digital Information Management

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Whereas various collaboratories have been established since the early 1990s in the domain of natural sciences, we find so far only few comparable efforts in the arts and humanities aside from experimental systems with very limited functionality. The COLLATE system is one of the first working collaboratories in the humanities. Based on extended user requirement studies it was developed and evaluated in real life for an application dealing with the heritage of historic European film making. The implemented system employs innovative technologies for digital information management in order to allow content-based access to the digitized document collection. It also provides a comfortable Web-based work environment for supporting distributed user groups in their collaborative, document-centered knowledge work. In this article we describe our collaboration concept and the resulting system design decisions, using some concrete examples to illustrate how the current real-life users interact with the COLLATE system and their distributed collaboration team.

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