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North Carolina Board of Science and Technology and National Research Council

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Collaboratories: Improving research capabilities in chemical and biomedical sciences

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Washington, DC

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National Academy Press

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On August 12, 1998, the National Research Council, joined by the State of North Carolina, convened a multisite electronic workshop to explore progress in and barriers to making collaboratories a central feature of research in chemical and biomedical sciences. The workshop brought together the "builders" of the communication technologies and potential "users" in the chemical and biomedical research communities. Participants included academic researchers in physical and biological sciences, university administrators, technologists, and state and federal policymakers. To demonstrate the potential of electronic technologies, this event was conducted as a "virtual workshop," relying on real-time video to allow "attendees" in several locations to participate. Workshop speakers were asked to provide an overview defining the benefits of collaboratories and inform the general participants on the status of pilot programs and applications. They were also asked to articulate issues that arise when research and educational activities are conducted using collaboratories.

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