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Sabelli, N., & Pea, R.

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Six years of knowledge networking in learning sciences and technologies

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Menlo Park, CA

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SRI International

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This report presents a series of in-depth reflections about the work of the Center for Innovative Learning Technologies (CILT) from 1997 until 2004. Each member of the CILT team (principal investigator, postdoctoral scholar, project coordinator and manager) provided their personal reflections on what they, and all of us as a group, have learned from the attempt to stimulate the development and implementation of important, technology-enabled solutions to critical problems in Kñ14 STEM learning in the context of an open and inclusive national effort.

CILT's goals were to centered outward, on empowering research advances in learning using technology, specifically, in visualization, assessment, community tools, and ubiquitous computing. The contributions reflect the choices, on both format and content, by their authors. No attempt was made to adapt them to a single format, to highlight their multiple points of view, since different readers may be more interested in different lessons learned from the effort.

The intended readership of this report includes the many researchers, educators, and others in the world who have an interest in different models of increasing the capacity of the field to engage in the broad field of learning and intelligent systems.

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