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Name of Collaboratory :


EyeChem Collaboratory


URL :  

Collaboratory Status :

Completed   Start Date : 1994 End Date : 1995 Info Last Updated : Fri, Dec 5 2003 4:01am PST

Primary Collaboratory Function :

  Distributed Research Center  

Secondary Collaboratory Functions :

  Virtual Community of Practice  

Domain(s) :


Brief Description of the Collaboratory :


The EyeChem Collaboratory was a "proof of concept" model of an online, chemical collaboratory for real-time shared 3D molecular visualization. It undertook the development of EyeChem, a modular visualisation environment (MVE) based on IRIS Explorer. A number of EyeChem applications, each dedicated to one particular task, were created by combining new EyeChem and existing Explorer modules. One particular EyeChem custom application called Eye2Eye enabled two or more collaborators to export rotatable 3D images of a molecule to one another. Other EyeChem modules included file readers to convert files from quantum chemistry data, in Mopac and Gaussian formats, and from crystallographic data into the Explorer Chemistry Pyramid data type.

written about:


Access to Instruments :


Access to Information Resources :

  Shared file access  

Access to People as Resources :

  Peer collaboration (working together to do analysis on a visualization of a molecule)  

Funding Agency or Sponsor :


Notes on Funding Agencies/Sponsors:

Organizations with Funded Participants:
Organization name:
Approx # of participants:
Description of organization's role(s):
Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine
   Department of Chemistry (Imperial College London)

Notes on Participants/Organizations:


Communications Technology Used :

  UK Superjanet system; explorer based module called EyeChem (Eye2Eye); "InPerson," which allows shared whiteboard (images, text, files) and video/audio conferencing.  

Technical Capabilities :

  Management of technical resources
Access control/login facilities
Simulation, modeling, visualization
Asynchronous object sharing
Asynchronous conversation
Synchronous object sharing
Electronic whiteboards, Share visualization, Data conferencing
Synchronous conversation
Audio, Video
  Key Articles :  

Casher, O. & Rzepa, H. S. (1995). A chemical collaboratory using Explorer EyeChem and the common client interface ACM SIGGRAPH Computer Graphics, 29(2), 52-54.


Project-reported performance data :

  Images of the Collaboratory:  
EyeChem Collaboratory displaying URLs parsed from a PDB molecular data file, and a corresponding Mosaic Window displaying the user selection
EyeChem application showing four frames in an animation illustrating the frontier orbitals involved in the Diels Alder reaction
A VRML data file of this DNA protein has been prepared and is viewable by any VRML browser
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