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Name of Collaboratory :


International Personality Item Pool (IPIP)


URL :  

Collaboratory Status :

In Development   Start Date : 1999 End Date : Info Last Updated : Fri, Dec 5 2003 4:01am PST

Primary Collaboratory Function :

  Community Data Systems  

Secondary Collaboratory Functions :

  Expert Consultation  

Domain(s) :

  psychology (personality)  

Brief Description of the Collaboratory :


The IPIP website provides an open, online clearinghouse for 280 personality scales. It presents three major types of information: (a) psychometric characteristics of the current set of IPIP scales, which are continuously being supplemented by new scales; (b) keys for scoring the current set of scales; (c) and the current total set of IPIP items, which is continuously being supplemented with new items. The site is intended to provide rapid access to measures of individual differences, all in the public domain, to be developed conjointly among scientists worldwide. Later, the site may include raw data available for reanalysis. In addition, it could serve as a forum for the dissemination of psychometric ideas and research findings.

New contributions to the IPIP are submitted from personality researchers worldwide or culled from published work; the collection is vetted and organized by Lewis Goldberg and associates at ORI.

In addition to access provision, IPIP is attempting to reduce complexity by mapping vocabulary from idiosyncratic scales onto one controlled vocabulary (e.g., a scale used by the California Psychological Inventory to measure 'Independence' is mapped onto IPIP's category of 'Self-efficacy'). IPIP is also in the process of creating and validating one superordinate personality scale set (the 'Big Five'), which will encompass many key ideas of the field.

The IPIP collaboratory also provides limited consulting and translation services.


Access to Instruments :


Access to Information Resources :

  Access to 1,699 items (questions) from 280 personality scales (question sets) covering 172 topic areas in personality psychology. Content is updated regularly.  

Access to People as Resources :

  One collaboratory contributor, (John Johnson, Penn State U) provides consulting help on request. Lewis Goldberg manages the project with some assistance from staff at the Oregon Research Institute.  

Funding Agency or Sponsor :

United States Department of Health and Human Services
National Institutes of Health (NIH)
National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)

Notes on Funding Agencies/Sponsors:

Organizations with Funded Participants:
Organization name:
Approx # of participants:
Description of organization's role(s):
Oregon Research Institute

Notes on Participants/Organizations:
not available


Communications Technology Used :

  primarily email and Web access/ submissions  

Technical Capabilities :

  Asynchronous object sharing
Index/metadata, Centrally controlled knowledge base, Email/attachments
Asynchronous conversation
Synchronous conversation
  Key Articles :    

Project-reported performance data :

  Not available  
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