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Collaboratory for Quantitative e-Social Science (CQeSS)


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Collaboratory Status :

Completed   Start Date : 2004 End Date : 2007 Info Last Updated : Thu, Dec 9 2010 5:01am PST

Primary Collaboratory Function :

  Community Infrastructure Development  

Secondary Collaboratory Functions :


Domain(s) :

  SOCIAL SCIENCES >Sociology >Sociology  

Brief Description of the Collaboratory :


Based at the Centre for e-Science at the University of Lancaster and CCLRC Daresbury, the Collaboratory for Quantitative e-Social Science (CQeSS) was the NCeSS research node for developing and supporting Quantitative e-Social Science.

CQeSS undertook a range of activities to provide tools and solutions for Quantitative Social Scientists, typically using large numerical data sets, interested in using e-Science methods to support their research. The nodes main activities were:

SABRE The further development and deployment of Lancaster 's S tatistical A nalysis of B inary R ecurrent E vents software.

GROWL The further development and application of Grid Resources O n W orkstations L ibrary middleware. GROWL is a lightweight toolkit aimed at providing user friendly Grid access to (heritage) applications via a client-server architecture using web services. The use of GROWL is being demonstrated with Grid enabled SABRE.

SAKAI portal framework. The development and provision of a portal interface to provide access to Grid enabled resources and software on the National Grid Service and the North West Grid. The portal solution will encourage Grid uptake by non specialists and aid collaborative working between a community of scientists engaged in similar research. For this purpose we are developing or deploying a range tools to in the SAKAI portal framework.

ReDReSS In cooperation with our ReDReSS project, we are providing a growing resource (training, awareness raising and background material) of relevance to exploiting e-Social Science technology in the social sciences. The material includes presentations from workshops and the NCeSS winter training school and other topical events organised as part of the ReDReSS/CQeSS programme.


Access to Instruments :

  All tools developed were freely available on the Websites.  

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Funding Agency or Sponsor :

Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)

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Organizations with Funded Participants:
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Council for the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils (CCLRC)
   CCLRC Daresbury Laboratory
Lancaster University
   Centre for e-Science (Lancaster University)

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