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Commodity Grid Kits (CoG Kits)


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Collaboratory Status :

In Development   Start Date : 2001 End Date : Info Last Updated : Thu, Dec 9 2010 2:01am PST

Primary Collaboratory Function :

  Community Infrastructure Development  

Secondary Collaboratory Functions :


Domain(s) :

  MATHEMATICS/COMPUTER SCIENCES >Computer Science >Computer Science, MATHEMATICS/COMPUTER SCIENCES >Computer Science >Information Science and Systems  

Brief Description of the Collaboratory :


Commodity Grid (CoG) Kits allow Grid users, Grid application developers, and Grid administrators to use, program, and administer Grids from a higher-level framework. The Java and Python CoG Kits are good examples. These kits allow for easy and rapid Grid application development. They encourage collaborative code reuse and avoid the duplication of effort among problem solving environments, science portals, Grid middleware, and collaboratory pilots.

Commodity Grid (CoG) Kits will allow the application programmer or middleware developer to readily make use of Grid services from a higher-level framework by defining mappings and interfaces between Grid services and particular commodity frameworks. This will facilitate development of advanced scientific applications for emerging national-scale computational Grid infrastructures. These kits will allow easier and more rapid application development by encouraging collaborative code reuse and avoiding the duplication of effort among problem solving environments, science portals, Grid middleware, and collaboratory pilots.

The goal of this collaboratory middleware project is to develop and deploy two CoG Kits, for Java and Python.


Access to Instruments :

  Users can download the kits after filling out a form explaining their use.  

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Funding Agency or Sponsor :

Cardiff University
Department of Energy (DOE)
Argonne National Laboratory (ANL)
Mathematics and Computer Science Division
University of Manchester

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Organizations with Funded Participants:
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Argonne National Laboratory (ANL)
PI/Lab Team
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)
PI/Lab Team

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