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Name of Collaboratory :


Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium (BCSC)


URL :  

Collaboratory Status :

Operational   Start Date : 1994 End Date : Info Last Updated : Wed, Dec 8 2010 11:01am PST

Primary Collaboratory Function :

  Community Data Systems  

Secondary Collaboratory Functions :

  Distributed Research Center  

Domain(s) :

  NON-S&E >Health and Medical Sciences >Health Sciences, General  

Brief Description of the Collaboratory :


The Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium (BCSC) is a research resource for studies designed to assess the delivery and quality of breast cancer screening and related patient outcomes in the United States. The BCSC is a collaborative network of five mammography registries and two affiliated sites with linkages to pathology and/or tumor registries. The network is supported by a central Statistical Coordinating Center (SCC).

BCSC investigators are multidisciplinary and include radiologists, primary care clinicians, pathologists, epidemiologists, health services researchers, and statisticians.


Access to Instruments :


Access to Information Resources :

  Existing data include information at the individual level regarding demographics, breast symptoms, mammogram interpretations and cancer. Because the data are associated with individuals, maintaining patient and provider confidentiality is a primary concern of NCI. Therefore, the BCSC data are managed by the Statistical Coordinating Center (SCC) of the BCSC. All personal identifiers for all patient and medical care providers have been removed from the data. Investigators are required to obtain approval of their idea and study site access in order to obtain the data. NCI will work with investigators requesting data files to balance their research needs with those of the individuals and institutions included in the data. The SCC will perform analyses if patient confidentiality is a concern.

Steps for Submitting a Proposal and Using BCSC Data:
1) Develop research questions
2) Contact the SCC
3) Develop proposal for review by BCSC
Steering Committee
4) Refine proposal and submit to the SCC
for review by BCSC
5) Sign collaborative agreement
6) Plan analyses with the SCC
7) Prepare progress reports
8) Present findings to BCSC at twice-
yearly meetings
9) Submit project results
10) Send programs, datasets, and files to
the SCC for archiving

Access to People as Resources :


Funding Agency or Sponsor :

United States Department of Health and Human Services
National Institutes of Health (NIH)
National Cancer Institute (NCI)

Notes on Funding Agencies/Sponsors:
BCSC is funded and coordinated by the Applied Research Program of the National Cancer Institute's Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences.

Organizations with Funded Participants:
Organization name:
Approx # of participants:
Description of organization's role(s):
American Cancer Society (ACS)
University of Washington
Collaborator in the FAVOR project.

Notes on Participants/Organizations:
Other collaborators: Cancer Intervention and Surveillance Modeling Laboratory (CISNET) collaboratory


Communications Technology Used :


Technical Capabilities :

  Key Articles :    

Project-reported performance data :

  As of June 2009, the Consortium’s database contains information on 8,374,024 screening mammographic examinations, 86,700 breast cancer cases, and over 2,300,000 women. More than 374 publications in journals have resulted from the consortium.  
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