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Canadian Study of Diet, Lifestyle, and Health


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Operational   Start Date : 1991 End Date : Info Last Updated : Wed, Dec 8 2010 11:01pm PST

Primary Collaboratory Function :

  Distributed Research Center  

Secondary Collaboratory Functions :


Domain(s) :

  NON-S&E >Health and Medical Sciences >Public Health, NON-S&E >Health and Medical Sciences >Epidemiology, NON-S&E >Health and Medical Sciences >Health Sciences, Other  

Brief Description of the Collaboratory :


The purpose of the Canadian Study of Diet, Lifestyle, and Health is to investigate the relationship between diet, lifestyle factors, molecular markers, and cancer incidence in Canada. The cohort was established predominantly by recruiting alumni from the Universities of Alberta, Toronto, and Western Ontario between 1995 and 1998, but also includes a small contingent recruited mostly in 1992 through the Canadian Cancer Society. At enrollment, participants completed lifestyle and food frequency questionnaires, measured waist and hip circumferences, and provided hair and toenail specimens. The study recruited 73,909 individuals (34,291 males and 39,618 females), of whom 97 percent provided biological specimens. The mean (standard deviation) ages of the male and female participants at recruitment were 51.6 (15.6) and 46.1 (15.2) years, respectively. Follow up of the cohort will be performed by record linkage to the Canadian Cancer Registry.

Member of Cohort Consortium.


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Funding Agency or Sponsor :

Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)

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Yeshiva University
   Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Cancer Care Ontario (CCO)

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