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Adaptive Information Disclosure (AID)


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Collaboratory Status :

Operational   Start Date : 2004 End Date : Info Last Updated : Thu, Dec 9 2010 4:01pm PST

Primary Collaboratory Function :

  Community Infrastructure Development  

Secondary Collaboratory Functions :


Domain(s) :

  MATHEMATICS/COMPUTER SCIENCES >Computer Science >Information Science and Systems  

Brief Description of the Collaboratory :


The Adaptive Information Disclosure (AID) project is part of a larger effort that aims at the creation of a so-called Virtual Lab environment for e-science . In the context of AID, they are building a suite of dynamic, model-driven information and knowledge extraction tools on top of an architecture for grid-based distributed data analysis with VL-e funding from 2004 until the end of 2009. Continued funding for 2010 and beyond has already been pledged.


Access to Instruments :

  The AIDA Toolkit is directed at groups of knowledge workers that cooperatively search, annotate, interpret, and enrich large collections of heterogeneous documents from diverse locations. It is a generic set of components that can perform a variety of tasks such as learn new pattern recognition models, perform specialized search on resource collections, and store knowledge in a repository. W3C standards are used to make data accessible and manageable with semantic web technologies such as OWL, RDF(S), and SKOS. AIDA is also based on Lucene and Sesame. Most components are available as web services and open source.  

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I couldn't find anything about funding.


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