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Name of Collaboratory :


Arctic Portal


URL :  

Collaboratory Status :

Operational   Start Date : End Date : Info Last Updated : Fri, Dec 2 2011 3:01am PST

Primary Collaboratory Function :

  Community Infrastructure Development  

Secondary Collaboratory Functions :

  Virtual Community of Practice  

Domain(s) :

  EARTH, ATMOSPHERIC, AND OCEAN SCIENCES >Oceanography >Oceanography, EARTH, ATMOSPHERIC, AND OCEAN SCIENCES >Oceanography >Marine Sciences  

Brief Description of the Collaboratory :


The Arctic Portal provides a comprehensive gateway to the Arctic on the internet, increases co-operation between both public and private parties across the Arctic and grants exposure to Arctic related information.

The Arctic Portal is an endorsed IPY-Project nr. 388 lead by Iceland’s Senior Arctic Official in consultation and co-operation with other members of the Arctic Council and its Working Groups, Permanent Participants, Northern Forum, UArctic, The Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland, The Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute of Roshydromet, The International Centre for Reindeer Husbandry and others.

Initially, it was mainly focused on the needs of the Arctic Council and its working groups and it is already functioning as such, with integrated document library and an integrated project directory, advanced search, interactive mapping, homepages for AC projects, etc.

The initiative has received wide support among parties that deal with Arctic and Nordic matters, professionals, institutions and politicians. For example, the Arctic Portal and the University of the Arctic have good collaboration and will work together in various projects in the future.

The non-profit company Nordurslodagattin ses – Arcticportal, has been established as the operator of the Arctic Portal, based in Akureyri, Iceland.


Access to Instruments :


Access to Information Resources :


Access to People as Resources :


Funding Agency or Sponsor :

Icelandic Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Icelandic Ministry of Industry Energy and Tourism
The University of Akureyri

Notes on Funding Agencies/Sponsors:
The Arctic Portal is looking for long-term sponsorship which provides the means to establish it as a major venue for Arctic affairs on the internet.

Organizations with Un-Funded Participants:
Organization name:
Approx # of participants:
Description of organization's role(s):
Harvard Kennedy School of Government (HKS)
International Arctic Science Committee (IASC)
Stefansson Arctic Institute
University of the Arctic

Notes on Participants/Organizations:
Also board members:
International Arctic Science Committee (collaboratory)


Communications Technology Used :

  The Arctic Portal has facilitated numerous virtual community events via webcasting.

Technical Capabilities :

  Key Articles :    

Project-reported performance data :

  The Arctic Portal was the host for web-casting from numerous IPY opening ceremonies on and around March 1. 2007 and recordings from these events can be accessed and viewed on the Portal.  
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