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Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence Florida (COSEE Florida)


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Operational   Start Date : 2002 End Date : Info Last Updated : Sat, Dec 3 2011 3:01am PST

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  Virtual Learning Community  

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  EARTH, ATMOSPHERIC, AND OCEAN SCIENCES >Oceanography >Oceanography, EARTH, ATMOSPHERIC, AND OCEAN SCIENCES >Oceanography >Marine Sciences  

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COSEE Florida's mission is to spark and nurture collaborations among scientists and educators to promote ocean discovery and literacy and to enhance the public's understanding, appreciation, and stewardship of the ocean.

COSEE Florida’s vision is to create a vibrant Center that uses its talents and resources to achieve three initiatives:

1. Engaging Ocean Scientists: This initiative includes the sponsorship of regional professional development workshops to help scientists broaden the impact of their research through improved communication and effective educational outreach.

2. Enhancing Ocean Science Knowledge and Experience for Pre-Service Educators: This initiative is developing a novel ocean science based curriculum and research internship program aimed at improving the training and content knowledge of undergraduate students pursuing a B.S. degree in science education.

3. Supporting a Florida Ocean Learning Network: The goal of the third initiative is to establish a state-wide network of scientists and educators to support the development of quality education products, promote the establishment of local educational outreach programs, and facilitate regional collaborations that enhance ocean science education and increase ocean literacy.

Regional center for the Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence collaboratory.


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  In an effort to help Florida's ocean scientists communicate and present scientific concepts and research findings more effectively to both scientific and non-scientific/non-technical audiences, COSEE Florida sponsors three Presentation Boot Camps (PBC) each year at regional locations throughout the state. Ocean scientists, including junior and senior researchers, college and university faculty, post-docs, and graduate students, are encouraged to participate. During the intensive two-day workshop, they receive training in planning and preparing presentations that communicate messages more clearly and effectively and have a lasting impact on the audience.

COSEE Florida also offers training programs for ocean scientists highlighting characteristics of successful outreach programs and effective strategies for broadening the impact of research (Broadening the Impact of Science: Strategies for Success (BIS:SUS)). Currently, this program is available by invitation only.

COSEE Florida provides advice and guidance for ocean scientists wishing to integrate educational outreach activities and strategies into their existing research programs or those wanting to plan or adopt new activities for inclusion in future grant proposals (Broader Impacts Coaching).

The Ocean Science Concentration for Pre-Service Educators provides multiple opportunities for Florida ocean scientists to support pre-service and credentialed educators and develop relationships that broaden the impact of the scientist's research and improve the ocean literacy of the educator and their students through guest lectures, training in improving the background content of lesson plans, water as habitat educator workshops, and a research experience for pre-service teachers program.

They also provide several free community education events such as Water as Habitat community events, FLASH (Florida Aquatic Science Heroes) Ocean Science Videos available online, and a Facebook page.

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National Science Foundation (NSF)

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Florida Institute of Technology
Indian River State College (IRSC)
Ocean Research and Conservation Association (ORCA)
Smithsonian Marine Station at Fort Pierce

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