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The publications below come from the Michigan group prior to the formal beginning of the NSF funding that supports this current SOC project. They provide background for the SOC work.  As publications emerge from this project they will be listed here.


Covi, L. M., Olson, J. S., and Rocco, E. (1998) A room of your own: What do we learn about support of teamwork from assessing teams in dedicated project rooms? In N.Streitz, S. Konomi, and H. J. Burkhardt (Eds.)  Cooperative Buildings.   Amsterdam: Springer-Verlag.  Pp. 53-65.

Finholt, T.A. (in press) Collaboratories. In B. Cronin (Ed.), Annual Review of Information Science and Technology.

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Olson, G.M., Atkins, D., Clauer, R., Weymouth, T., Prakash, A., Finholt, T., Jahanian, F., & Rasmussen, C.  (2001) Technology to support distributed team science: The first phase of the Upper Atmospheric Research Collaboratory (UARC) (Pp. 761-783) In G.M. Olson,  T. Malone & J. Smith (Eds.), Coordination theory and collaboration technology.  Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Olson, G.M., Finholt, T.A., & Teasley, S.D. (2000) Behavioral aspects of collaboratories (pp. 1-14).  In S.H. Koslow & M.F. Huerta (Eds.), Electronic collaboration in science. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

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Olson, J.S., Teasley, S., Covi, L., & Olson, G.M. (in press) The (currently) unique advantages of collocated work. In S. Kiesler & P. Hinds (Eds.), Geographically distributed work.

Teasley, S., & Wolensky, S. (2001) Scientific collaborations at a distance. Science, 292,  2254-2255.





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