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Resources: Our Findings and Results



Social Underpinnings Workshop (June 4-5 2001) Final Summary
Technical Underpinnings Workshop (July 19-20 2001) Final Summary
Comparative Investigation Workshop (September 25-27 2002) Final Summary |  Agenda and Presentations
Symposium on Knowledge Environments for Science and Engineering (November 25-26 2002) Agenda and Presentations
Comparative Investigation Workshop, Part Two (June 18-20 2003) Agenda and Presentations


"Science on the Net" A short paper given at the Human Computer Interaction Consortium

Collaboratories at a Glance

As the SOC project progresses we are developing a list of collaboratories we have identified and are investigating.

Bibliography on Collaboratories

As our investigation into the social and technical issues surrounding collaboratory success has unfolded, we have established the SOC Bibliography on Collaboratories. We have been careful to focus on entries which provide insight into the functioning of the collaboratories we are studying, or otherwise contribute to the understanding of collaboratory work in general. We have avoided including material that is primarily the output of the scientific or engineering work of a given collaboratory - though those resources can often be found in individual collaboratory records (see the Collaboratory list) - and have instead chosen material that sheds light into the functioning of the collaboratories themselves.


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