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Workshops : Comparative Investigation, Part Two : Agenda and Presentations

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Wednesday, June 18

9:00 -Introduction and Overview of SOC Project

Gary Olson (PowerPoint 1.12M)

10:00 - Review of Collaboratories-at-a-Glance

Chair: Gary Olson
Presenter: Judy Olson (PowerPoint 689k)
Discussants: John Walsh, George Furnas (PowerPoint 45k)

12:00 - Lunch

1:00 - Review of NEESgrid

Chair: Dan Horn
Presenter: Tom Finholt (PowerPoint 4.54M)
NEESgrid people: Laura Pearlman, Chuck Severance, Paul Hubbard
Discussants: Steve Poltrock, Jonathan Cummings (PowerPoint 41k)

3:00 - Review of InterMed

Chair: Judy Olson
Presenter: Nathan Bos (PowerPoint 406k)
InterMed people: Vimla Patel (PowerPoint 926k), Bob Greenes (Earliest History - PowerPoint 100k, Future Tech - PowerPoint 22k)
Discussants: Geoff Bowker, Mark Ackerman

5:00 - Adjourn

6:00 - Transport to Dinner (details announced at meeting)

6:45 - Appetizers at Portage Lake Yacht Club
7:15 - Dinner at Portage Lake Yacht Club

9:30 - Transport returns to Ann Arbor

Thursday, June 19

9:00 - Review of GriPhyN & iVDGL

Chair: Nathan Bos
Presenters: Erik Hofer & Gary Olson (PowerPoint 2.16M)
GriPhyN & iVDGL people: Paul Avery, Mike Wilde (PowerPoint 166k)
Discussants: Chuck "The Matrix" Severance, Michael Cohen (PowerPoint 2.03M), Homer Neal

12:00 - Lunch

1:00 - Review of Alliance for Cell Signaling

Chair: Stephanie Teasley

Presenter: Nathan Bos (PowerPoint 476k)
Alliance people: Brian Saunders
Discussants: Gloria Mark (PowerPoint 57k), Atul Prakash

3:00 - Review of BIRN

Chair: Tom Finholt
Presenter: Judy Olson (PowerPoint 2.4M)
BIRN people: Jessica Turner, Jeff Grethe, Mark James, Jorge Jovicich, Deron Estes
Discussants: Jason Leigh (PowerPoint 9M), Diane Sonnenwald

5:00 - Adjourn

Dinner on own (advice and assistance will be provided)

Friday, June 20

9:00 - Review of cross-cutting themes

Chair: Margaret Hedstrom
Presenter: Gary Olson (PowerPoint 191k)
Discussants: Jason Owen-Smith, Gillian Kerr (PowerPoint 46k)

10:30 - Next steps, next collaboratories to investigate

Chair: Gary Olson (PowerPoint 108k)

12:00 - Lunch and adjourn

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