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Workshops : The Social Underpinnings of Collaboration

Workshop Description | Agenda | Background Readings | Final Summary
June 4-5, 2001
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

This workshop explored the social underpinnings of collaboration in science. The workshop examined three broad classes of issues:

  1. How would one judge a collaboration or a collaboratory to be successful?
  2. What are the most important individual and group processes that affect the success of collaborations?
  3. What organizational, professional, and cultural issues affect the character of collaborations?

The goal of the workshop was to define issues, assess the current state of understanding, and lay the groundwork for future SOC activities.

To this end, 42 experts from the University of Michigan and other institutions gathered on June 4-5 to consider the social aspects of collaboratory development and use. After some introductory material, each of these themes was addressed in parallel breakout sessions, followed by plenary sessions in which each breakout group reported their results, which were discussed by all. On the final morning separate breakout groups were assigned each question, and were asked to identify next steps for research on each question. What follows is a high-level description of each of these sessions, with links to further notes on each session.

Read the final summary.



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