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Workshops : The Social Underpinnings of Collaboration : Background Readings

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Recommended by Organizers

Finholt, T.A. Collaboratories. (Forthcoming). In B. Cronin (Ed.), Annual Review of Information Science and Technology.

Olson, G.M., & Olson, J.S. (2001). Distance Matters. Human Computer Interaction, 15, 139-179.

Finholt, T.A., & Olson, G.M. (1997). From Laboratories to Collaboratories: A new organizational form for scientific collaboration. Psychological Science, 8, 1-9.

Recommended by Participants

From Barry Wellman: Emmanuel Koku, Nancy Nazer and Barry Wellman (2001): Netting Scholars: Online and Offline. American Behavioral Scientist.

From Michael D. Cohen: Mark E.J. Newman: Clustering and Preferential Attachment in Growing Networks. Physical Review E.

From Jason Owen-Smith: Owen-Smith, Jason: Managing Laboratory Work Through Skepticism: Processes of Evaluation and Control. (Forthcoming). American Sociological Review.

From Jonathon N. Cummings: Jonathon N. Cummings: Work Groups and Knowledge Sharing in a Global Organisation.

From Rob Kling: Rob Kling, Geoffrey McKim, and Adam King: A Bit More To IT: Scholarly Communication Forums as Socio-Technical Interaction Networks

From Rob Kling: Rob Kling, Geoffrey McKim. Not Just a Matter of Time: Field Differences and the Shaping of Electronic Media in Supporting Scientific Communication

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