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Wednesday, September 25

9:00   Introduction to Science of Collaboratories Project

Gary Olson (PowerPoint 721k)

9:30   Overview of Collaboratories at a Glance (PowerPoint 7.2M)

Chair: Gary Olson
Presenters: Nathan Bos, Judy Olson and Erik Dahl
Discussants: Jonathan Grudin (PowerPoint 32k), John Walsh (PowerPoint 25k) and Deb Agarwal (PowerPoint 32k)

Open discussion

10:30   Break

10:45   Overview continued

12:15   Working Lunch (short break)

1:00   Case #1: Great Lakes Regional Center for AIDS Research (PowerPoint 1.2M)

Chair: Dan Atkins
Presenters: Stephanie Teasley and Jason Yerkie
CFAR people: Stephanie Teasley, Steven Wolinsky, and Jamie Drew
Discussants: Jim Herbsleb (PowerPoint 30k) and Prasun Dewan (PowerPoint 296k)

Open discussion

3:30   Break

4:00   Case #2: Bugscope (PowerPoint 32k)

Chair: Tom Finholt
Presenters: Nathan Bos
Bugscope people: Umesh Thakkar and Daniel Weber
Discussants: Jonathan Cummings (PowerPoint 56k) and Atul Prakash (PowerPoint 31k)

Open Discussion

5:30   Break for the day

Thursday, September 26

9:00   Case #3: UARC/SPARC (PowerPoint 1.55M)

Chair: Stephanie Teasley
Presenter: Tom Finholt
UARC/SPARC people: Bob Clauer, Gary Olson and Peter Knoop
Discussants: Jason Owen-Smith and Jim Myers (PowerPoint 36k)

Open Discussion

10:30   Break

10:45   Continue with Case #3

12:00   Break for Lunch (sign up for dinner) (departure times to front desk) (group photo)

1:00   Case #4: EMSL (PowerPoint 492k)

Chair: Judy Olson
Presenters: Nathan Bos
EMSL people: Jim Myers
Discussants: Ed Hackett (PowerPoint 61k) and Peter Knoop

Open Discussion

3:00   Break

3:30   Cross-Cutting Themes (PowerPoint 118k)

Chair: Judy Olson
Discussants: Jonathan Grudin (PowerPoint 25k), John Walsh and Deb Agarwal (PowerPoint 33k Excel 15k)

5:00   Break for the day

Friday, September 27

9:00   Meta discussion: What next? And a Process review

Chair: Gary Olson

10:15   Break

10:30   Future in-depth collaboratory studies; which ones? (PowerPoint 147k)

Chair: Tom Finholt

12:00   Adjourn

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